A Teenage Girl Essay

I chose the scenario, A teenage girl is “in love” with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he will make sure they only have “protected” sex. This actually happens often these days with youth; they have the want to experiment a lot. There are five components in which wise judgments could be used. First, there is emotional intelligence which has four components; emotional perception and expression, emotional facilitation of thought, emotional understanding, and emotional management.

Emotional perception and expression is the skill to recognize your own emotions and recognizing other emotionstoo. This component involves the ability to both express positive and negative emotions correctly as well. Being a teenage girl is hard;there are so many hard decisions to make. So almost every teen girl thinks she is in love at one point in her teenage life. It is like a must to have a boyfriend when you are a teen and the fact he is 17 years old really makes you seem “it”.

You are not mentally stable when you have “puppy love” feelings, you do whatever to please this guy you love and when you are young you think that guy is in love with you. Being young you really don’t know how to act on situations like this, you do what you think is right. When I was 14 years old I had a 17 year old boyfriend and wow, the way I acted was insane, I know now I was never in love. I did any and everything for him and now I look back and think, how could I let someone have so much control, but I was just so young, there were a lot of major decisions to make.

On top of everything the encouragement from others is hard as well. If Emotional facilitation of thought came about in this teen girl, she could use her emotions to be more able to help with her decision-making. On the other hand, being a teen, she most likely is not emotionally mature. Emotional understanding is to have the ability to recognize emotions with words, to understand the cause and effect of the all different emotions as well have the ability to recognize the relationships between them.

Understanding and sometimes have contradictory feelings and how they change over time is an important dimension of emotional intelligence. Personally this is the hardest to overcome when you are young your emotions are everywhere and your changing from a girl into a woman, the feelings and emotions are new to a young teen, I would say they are emotional and impulsive with no understanding. When you are young you think if you’re in love then sex would come next, and so on. But when you’re young you never see the consequences after your actions, they rather just act, and the consequences never come to a young ones mind.

Finally, there is emotional management which is self-explanatory which is again hard for teens to achieve because all the emotions combined are overwhelming hard to take on. This makes it much easier for them to act impulsive especially when it comes to sex. The only thing that matters to a teen is what is happening now, not what they would see on the outside looking gin at themselves. The next component would be successful intelligence. Which it is known, successful intelligence you would think fine in three different ways: analytically, creatively, and practically.

Creative thinking is more of a personal trait. I think the other two areas, would show one’s maturity level. This scenario is an example of how teens really are; having sex at a young age is very common. Although with the decisions they make they do not think sensible, they think physically more so. Teens have a tendency to think irrational; it is a trait most all of them have. This girl is thinking how to make this guy she thinks she is in love with, happy, so she won’t have boundaries for herself. If she loves him she will do almost anything for him because that is how teen girls think is love.

The consequences aren’t ever an issue until after they act upon it. Wearing a condom does not completely protect you what so ever. Last but most definitely not least, there is wisdom itself. When being a “wise individual” one must be able to balance a variety of self-interests (intrapersonal) with the interests of other people (interpersonal) and of other aspects of the environment in which one lives (extra personal) such as one’s environment. Wisdom is more of the outcome of what decision the girl would make. Dealing with her interpersonal interest would reflect on her interest in having sex or not having sex.

Also, she would be dealing with how this decision would affect others around her including her boyfriend’s interest as well; mainly dealing with the consequences could eventually affect the interest of her family and friends. It will affect her environment and/or her extra personal interest counting on what decision the girl makes whether she has sex or not. If she chooses to not have sex it will affect because the guy might not want her and it will hurt her a lot emotionally. Also, she must stay away from the influences that surround her, she will get pulled right back in.

If she were to have sex I am not sure she would enjoy the outcome very much, guys tend to get what they want and girls never get what they need, if I said that right it makes really good sense. There are also factors to balance when it comes to wisdom: balancing goals and interests, balancing short- and long-term interests, balancing responses to the environment context, and acquiring and using tactic knowledge. When balancing goals and interests, this teenage girl has to reason with the consequences of every single choice she makes in a situationsuch as this one.

Also, looking at how it might affect her future goals, whether it’s long-term or short-term. I would say if she were to have sex possibly the condom breaks she could get an STD or even PREGNANT, which mess everything up mentally and emotionally for the bad. There is balancing short- and long-term interests as well. Teens never think before they act, having sex being the short-term, and the STD’s being the long-term. There are so consequences that are faced with sex, it isn’t even worth it, and really till you 100% understand the concept of it.

Balancing a set comeback to the environment goes back to the outcome of her choices and situation. Not having sex with this guy will probably make him not want her in which being in the environment wouldn’t be very healthy for her. Acquiring and using tactic knowledge, say she has good tactic knowledge, she would be able to have her boyfriend understand and explain the possible outcome. In which he will take in consideration, or agree with her. Now if she does not have good tactic knowledge than possibly she doesn’t have much self control, I think personally.

A teenage girl is “in love” with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he will make sure they only have “protected” sex. I have personally experienced this situation although today I would have not made that say desision. If I were to step back and look from the outside in, I would of seen what the was a head of me. Being wise is a good trait to have, in which most teens are not. But a wise one analyzes a situation have the knowledge of the bad that could come out of it. Also, seeing that patients are a virtue is also being wise in my eyes personally.

Don’t rush into things when you’re young that is the problem with some people today like me, you experience everything, when the real time comes it isn’t as special. Confusing ones emotions with their feelings is rather tough for teens. Don’t risk the consequences; it is so not worth it. You have one but so many major decisions, make the wise decision, and always look at what the outcome could possibly be they are usually never worth it though. Having sex there is too many risks behind it, think before one acts, I would ask for advice if I knew what I knew now a days.

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