A Synopsis on Mount Everest Essay

I. Introduction

Mount Everest is the largest mountain in the world. To climb Everest, climbers will need much time to prepare. Not only does the climber need to prepare physically, but they have to prepare mentally as well. Everest get extremely cold, heavy loads of gear will be needed.

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A Synopsis on Mount Everest Essay
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II. Method

The way we went about researching for this essay was simple. We started off on Google and typed in, “Everest gear,” we found a lot great information! Again, we used Google, this time we typed in “preparation for Everest.

” Throughout all the searching, a website titled, “Preparing to Climb Mount Everest,” came to our attention. The little details about how someone would prepare were interesting to look though. Financial and physical preparation is needed. Lastly we used a database titled Ebsco. There was a great quote we found about how one should be fear by Everest.

III. Results

Gear on Mount Everest in heavy and complicated. To carry all of these items, a large backpack would be useful.

There are specific types of shoes called Crampons. Climbers need these to trek through the snow and ice. Secure the crampons to the bottom of the show, they will help climbers stay in one place. Oversized boots are recommended to prevent frostbite. Everest is very cold; wearing multilayered clothing is useful when climbing from base camp to the summit, and back. Also, Heavy down suits, water resistant gloves, and a cap to protect climbers from the sun. Different boots for cold weather are used in tents at the camps, because they have softer soles. Most climbers use face masks to protect from frostbite, and wind burn. Trekking poles are helpful but are not recommended. Little snack such as chocolate bars, granola bars, and crackers are useful when climbers are hungry, but do not want to stop for a long time. (The Climbers. “Climbing Gear”)

Mount Everest takes a significant amount of strength out of your body. Money, commitment, and time will need to go into the preparation of climbing Everest. A person who climbs Everest need to be financially stable. Money goes fast when your headed up the mountain. The over all cost of this trip is $25,000 – 60,000. This includes: airfare, training, equipment, oxygen bottles, and lodging. However, one can raise funds through large corporations, this means that they sponsor the climb. Physicals are very important before the climb to the summit. Cardiac heath, blood pressure, and cholesterol need to be under control before the journey up.

Everest does not have much oxygen when your at the elevation 29,280 feet, which means blood is not reaching the brain quickly. This is why your cardiac health needs to be up to date! Running and weight lifting is needed for the long hike up. A mountain climbing course is recommended before the high altitudes of Mount Everest. It is also said that you should start your preparation two to three years before you climbing Everest. Start planning your trip six months prior. If you would like a Sherpa, arrangements will have to be made. The best time to climb Mount Everest is in May. That month has the most predictable weather, were it is not too cold or too warm. (Gregory, Jennifer. “Preparing to Climb Mount Everest.”)

There are many steps to get ready for treacherous climb to the summit of Mount Everest and down. A quote by Alison Levine says, “Fear is a great tool, it keeps you awake, alert, and on your toes.” Be ready, be in shape, and be equipped for all sorts of weather. (Muchmore, Shannon. “Mountains’ Lessons Not Found Only at the Top, Climber says)

IV. Summary

Mount Everest is a difficult mountain to climb. There are many hoops one has to jump through before the final. However, when everything is completed, the climb will not be as difficult. It will be simple and quick. The next process to our research would be most likely be food. Climbers cannot survive without food! A few limitations came up at the start of this project. Many of the sources were not credible, more time went into finding a credible source than it should have. Deciding on the topic was quite difficult as well because, one topic lead into the other.

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