A Secret Sorrow and A Sorrowful Woman Essay

How is feminism manifested, and how is the traditional role of the female treated? Feminism has always gotten attention in the news, politics, and has advocated for gender equality. But on the other hand there are women who are used to be in the traditional role. To stay on topic feminism has manifested in the story “A Sorrowful Woman” and “The Secret Sorrow”. It has manifested in both of those stories to show that women are depended to get pregnant, raise children and be a housewife.

Also the traditional role is treated as an important role since both of the stories show how a husband cares and tries to understand the wife.

The goals The goals of the story “A Secret Sorrow” is to show the stigma that women face when they’re infertile. To back it up Faye in the story is afraid that her husband Kai will think she’s not good enough. It’s because of her own insecurity of seeing a pregnant woman or somene else’s kids.

In addition to that, while in those moments Fay has a feeling that she has failed her husband. The other goal is to persuade men to still love their wives even if they’re infertle.

The goals of the story “A Sorrowful Woman” is to show how hard a woman’s role is. In the story it shows that the wife was not feeling well and that the husband is doing her duty also. The goal of the story is that there must be an acknowledgement that the roles of men and women have significance. A significance to the point that the husband is not better than the wife or that the wife is better than the husband. In which it shows that there is another goal of the story and that goal is to verify gender equality.

The attitudes of the story “A Secret Sorrow” is terrifying because the husband was a brute in the beginning. Also that it was sad because the woman ended up crying uncontrollably after tellng her husband that she’s infertile. In the other story the attitude is sad since the wife didn’t want to see her husband and her child ever again. It even had an attitude of loneliness since the wife spent most of her time in a big bed room. To back that up the wife was always alone when in a room when the husband was at work.

Feminism is reflected in “A sorrowful woman because of how the wife doesn’t feel well due to her usual duties. What it’s reflecting on is how sometimes women start to feel that they’re tired of the usual duty they have inherited from their marriage. They’re tired of their duties to the point where they stopped doing their role. Another reason why feminism is reflected on the story is because the woman wants to become solitary. Since the wife doesn’t even want to interact with her child.

Feminism is reflected in “A secret Sorrow” since the Faye feared that she would’ve disappointed Kai for her infertility. Also that he tells Faye that he loves her for who she is and that he has accepted her inability have children. Another reason how feminism is reflected on the story is because Faye stole Kai’s car to get away from him. To add to that, Faye has managed to fight off him off despite being physically weak. Faye has been feeling secured with adopting her children. While Kai has said that she means something in the end of the story since he said that she is a woman who is complete.

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