A Roller Coaster Ride Essay

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Failing is not the end of everything, you just need to stand up and continue to strive hard. Most of the successful personalities experienced hardships and failures but these failures led them to become what they are today. When I was a little kid my mother teaches me that whenever I fail I just need to stay strong, to continue my journey and the most important thing is to believe in God.

I grew up in believing that I just do my best and God will do the rest and aside from that failure should not be a hindrance in reaching for my goals and dreams. In my life in Saint Jude Catholic School, I experienced ups and downs that made me stronger and pushed me to achieve my goals. When I was in elementary, I experienced being one of the achievers of my class and then become one of the failing students.

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A Roller Coaster Ride Essay
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I had high scores in exams and also failing marks. Being the third and only girl in my family, I am always compared to my older brothers. My older brothers are always on top of their classes, a medallist and they win during competitions.

At first I was annoyed, ashamed and hated my parents because of pushing me too hard and letting me feel that I’m a useless daughter but eventually I learned that I should prove to them that I can excel and make them proud too. For years, I studied really hard and concentrated on my studies and set aside all the problems I have and when I reached high school I became a constant achiever, I am always part of the top five of my class and I always get good grades. I also join extracurricular activities and I am also part of the swimming varsity team and I always manage my time well. In addition to that when I was in second year, I was faced with a new challenge. I was approached by two juniors asking me to join their party for the upcoming election for the new set of student councils. At first, I was not sure whether to join or not. I was afraid that I don’t have the qualities of being a student council, I was afraid that I might lose and most especially I lack self-confidence but after asking for some pieces of advice from my teachers, family and friends I decided to join.

Because of my determination, faith in God and support from my schoolmates, I won the election as the Assistant Treasurer of the Student Council Central Board 2011-2012. Being part of the SCCB is really hard; I need to manage my time – for my studies, for my trainings and also for my meetings but I still did well. Because I won during the 2010-2011 election, I decided to join the next election as the Treasurer of the Student Council Central Board. I was full of confidence that I will win again this election because of my experience and support from my friends but after the counting of votes, my opponent was named as the Treasurer of the Student Council Central Board 2012-2013.

After the announcement I felt like it’s the end of my life because I was expecting that I will win but instead I lose. When I got home, I was crying and my mother told me that I should learn how to accept failures. My mother also told me that with these failures I would be stronger and my life would change for the better. With these experiences, I learned that life is full of challenges. Sometimes you may be on top and sometimes you may fall. In overcoming these challenges, you just need to stay strong, believe in yourself and be optimistic. These challenges helped me to become stronger and most of all to believe in myself. And I also learned that everything is unpredictable and possible. These experiences have helped me define as who am I today.

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