Leadership is found not just at work but all around us. Leaders always step forward and take charge of the situation. It can be at home, at work or at any other place. Leaders are never born, they become leaders because they have credibility and people would love to follow them.

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This paper describes about my leadership strengths and areas for growth/ future study.

People have different qualities and that is how I do have also…

Personal Leadership Strengths:

Problem Solving:

As there are many problems revolving around us, but we don’t ever need to care about that because these problems may get far away from us very soon.

I always believe to be a problem solver but not the problem creator.


I believe to be a leader, one should love the work he/she is doing. I always find new ways to keep my self-motivated and I always have eagerness to learn new things, finding new ways to do a task differentially.

The good thing about keeping my self-motivated is that people working with me may also feel the positive vibe and they all can also start working the task, which makes it easy.


Living in this world makes us difficult by being partial. Leaving this partial life behind there are different types of emotions whereby I believe to be happy always by setting and keeping my life away from the bitterness of the world. I always encourage people around me to be happy because there is only one life to live and there are less people to love and more people hate us without any reason, as my emotions are important I sometimes have a hard time to control my emotions but still I stand up with a positive attitude and overcome this phase and this is where I take over a new leadership through emotions.


Communications with different people is necessary. I do have a good communication with my family, friends, relatives as well as all in my surrounding. I love talking with people and communicating with them because this makes me more bold and fearless. I always have a thought that if I can speak to someone and the opposite person is listening it properly and able to understand the thing which I want to say is the best thing or the ability which I have within me.

Cultural intelligence:

Cultural intelligence is the ability to effectively work with people from other countries and cultures. Leaders must learn to adapt to an intercultural workforce and diversity to become a successful global leader. Cultural intelligences provide a better understanding of cross-cultural leadership and help to adapt the need to be implemented in leadership. I believe that every global leader must accept high-context culture as well as low culture context to work in global environment.


It is important for a leader that not only can organise an effective team, but also need to manage that every team member can work as part of one themselves. I strongly believe that leader could be able to take an active role in what is going on to achieve desired goal. As a team leader I always keep confidence and trust in team so that they can take a positive attitude towards their goals.

My current strengths include;

My honesty and passion towards my work. I have always been positive and confident regarding my aims and targets. Along with these, I am good decision maker, due to which I can make right and quick decision.

As a matured student I have developed self-discipline, which is important for effective learning. My reflective leadership conveys a sense and practical application of collaboration, it has involve my listening and learning capacity.

“The philosopher John Dewey has made a great contribution to the current conceptualization of reflection in leadership learning as the origins of the reflection are mainly attributed to him.”

“He describe it as a form of the problem solving.”

I belong from a family where manners are very important which also shows my character. As I come from Vadodara Gujarat, when I came to United Kingdom there where many problems revolving around me as such the problems where my fear of getting over through my family into a new city where there were no relatives of mine yet I overcame all the situation and started a new and a fresh journey here, by this I came to know that I have no fear left all off because I always motivate my self to take a step forward for my life and this teaches me a lot more.

As I know my strength, my family matters me a lot and they are my strength too. They taught me many things to face out and learn good things in this big world.

Leadership is difficult according to me because where there is leadership to be taken, people should understand you, they should listen to us.

I am a kind of person which doesn’t needs much time to hang on with people I get mix up with them easily and love to be around them as we all know that talking with different people gives us different knowledge every time.


As such there are not much limitations in my rule book.

But yes everyone do have some limitations towards their leadership,

I never try to hurt some one with my words. I keep my opinions towards every one as well as I take suggestions from everyone. I try to listen people who really are full of knowledge and are sharing their knowledge out there. Therefore this also proves myself that I am a good listener and not an annoying person.

I keep on trying new things and I never try my self to pull down instead if I fail I do motivate my self by encouraging myself that no I can do this particular thing again.

Failure doesn’t matters me but Yes I love to win everything which I have participated in.

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