A Reflection of Business Ethics in Class Essay

Although the length of this class is shorter than average, I feel I learned just as much, if not more. Business ethics is a very essential class in my opinion. Although, not all of us will be managers, workers within a company should have some degree of education on such topics. Some of the situations considered in this class were difficult to decipher if they were wrong or right. However, now I feel that a fuller understanding has been accomplished. This class has taught me many concepts, terminology, and real-life information as well, in this short essay I aim to showcase all that I have learned.

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A Reflection of Business Ethics in Class Essay
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Business’s most often choose unethical choices because of money. It appears that money is the root of all evil. Given the obstacle of being ethical or caring for the environment or large profits, profits almost always win. Although, certainly to some degree a business must be focused on money, no one should go under the bus for it.

In my opinion, vast changes must conclude to fix such issues. Without support of consumers, these large businesses would be nothing.

Prior to this class I was unaware of the power that consumers have. We completely control markets, because we determine the price and requirements of the business. I say this, because if we see an unethical practice, we can boycott that company. Which will lead to its downfall. Although this is true, sometimes it is difficult to completely stop shopping with a certain brand, because they have products in different brands. However, if we truly desire to not support such business’s we can do so.

The world is full of corruption, and that most likely will not change. Although, with that said, we can still do our part to stop unethical business’s. Whether it’s through protest, boycott, or education. I was never aware of the degree of poor decision making prior to this class. I’m certain that many companies, even in my home country conduct some of these shady business moves as well. It cannot only be the United States who does so. We should all work towards learning about these instances, so that when we enter our future jobs, that we can stay ethical in all that we do! Even if I am faced with temptation, such as a bribe, I will not fall into this. I feel that being a morally right person, is way more important than the incentive of money.

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