A Project on CommunicationByRAVI PRAKASHBAM45232016Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirementsFor the Essay

A Project on CommunicationByRAVI PRAKASHBAM/4523/2016Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirementsFor the award of the Degree ofBACHELOR OF SCIENCEInANIMATION AND MULTIMEDIA DEPARTMENT OF ANIMATION AND MULTIMEDIABIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYMESRA ” 835215, RANCHI ” NOIDA CAMPUS2019A Project on CommunicationByRAVI PRAKASHBAM/4523/2016Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirementsFor the award of the Degree ofBACHELOR OF SCIENCEInANIMATION AND MULTIMEDIA DEPARTMENT OF ANIMATION AND MULTIMEDIABIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYMESRA ” 835215, RANCHI ” NOIDA CAMPUS2019Under the guidance ofDr. Suparna DuttaAssociate Professor (Humanities) &Coordinator of Programme for AnimationDECLARATION CERTIFICATENew Age Communication and Social HarmonyThis is to certify that the work presented in the project COMMUNICATION entitled New Age Communication and Social harmony in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Science in Animation and Multimedia of BIT Mesra, Ranchi ” Noida Campus is an authentic work carried out under my supervision and guidance.

To the best of my knowledge, the content of this project does not form a basis for award of any previous degree to anyone else.

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A Project on CommunicationByRAVI PRAKASHBAM45232016Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirementsFor the Essay
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Date (Guide’s Name & Signature) Department of Animation and Multimedia, BIT Mesra, Ranchi ” Noida CampusCERTIFICATE OF APPROVALThe forgoing semester project entitled New Age Communication and Social Harmony is hereby approved as a creditable study of research topic and has been presented in a satisfactory manner to warrant its acceptance as a prerequisite to the degree for which it has been submitted. It is understood that, by this approval, the undersigned do not necessarily endorse any conclusion drawn or opinion expressed therein, but approve the project for the purpose for which it is submitted.(Internal Examiner) (External Examiner)CONTENTS1. Introduction..2. Communication..3. Media.3.1. Folk Media…3.2. Mass Media.3.3. Emerging Media4. Story4.1. Storytelling..5. Main Paper.5.1. Other Paper.6. Some selected Real Stories.7. Conclusion..8. References..IntroductionAll changes are assisted by communication whether it’s a constructive change or a destructive one. When we talk about human communication we cannot forget that communication has been an inevitable part of the human evolution and developments in almost all forms. This project looks forward to suggest how different ethnic groups, culture and communities can live together in harmony even in and after a conflict. CommunicationCommunication is one of the fundamental process that acts as a vehicle for all sorts of (human and economic) development. It is a process of sharing information, messages, knowledge, experience, emotions, feelings etc. The cardinal elements of any communication are;1. Sender,2. Receiver,3. Media, 4. Message and 5. Feedback. 3. Media 4. Message 5. Feedback Social Being Social Being 1. Sender 2. ReceiverSender receiver paradigm of communication. Communication is a two way process that happens and creates a loop. In other words communication does not get complete unless the goal of communication is achieved. This would mean that communication does not get fulfilled unless the sender of the message realizes his or her goal in the form of the desired feedback i.e. he or she gets the desired feedback from the receiver of the message.MediaThe word Media is a plural form of the word medium. Anything and everything that enables communication between interlocutors is a media. In other words, media allows passage of information or message from the sender to the receiver. It’s also one of the five elements of any communication, which are, 1. Sender,2. Receiver, 3. Media, 4. Message, 5. Feedback. Media Message Feedback Sender ReceiverFor example; microphone, speaker, newspaper, television, internet etc. Folk MediaFolk media is a traditional form of media which is independent of the electronic technologies. Folk media is close, personalized, and community driven. That is, it lacks on outreach, but inter-personalization increases due to close proximity between the interlocutors and it is used by community and limited in community. Customization of content is one of its benefit. Its examples are; Rangoli, Nukad Natak, Painting, puppetry and so on. Mass MediaMass media is a media that enables us to reach out to mass audiences through mass communication. It allows one way information dissemination, that is, audiences’ taste, opinion and sentiments are not taken care of in order to reach out to the masses. In other words, it lacks feedback system, that is, audiences can not give feedback to the sender of the message. Its examples are radio, television, newspaper etc. Mass media ensures outreach of contents but customization of content is not possible, keeping the ethics of masses in the mind so, it does not ensure the ownership of the content by the audiences. That is why, participation of audience is not there so, we can’t rely on mass media for Developmental and Behavioral change communication. Emerging or New mediaToday there is nothing new about new media, it is a media which is facilitated by Internet and cheap and widespread availability of technological gadgets like smartphone, laptop, P.C, etc. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube that is, Social Media, are best examples of it. There is Feedback system for all the users that makes it dialogue oriented or conversational which is a true communication in real sense. Emerging media appears to overcome all the pitfalls of mass media. Therefore, it seems that, it can be used as a New age Folk Media to ensure Developmental and Behavioral change communication. Which will allow ownership of content as does the folk media ” the 1000 Ramayana which each can customize and personalized the epic into a cozy and personal possession with the help of the available technology. A way towards understanding things betterEgoSocial science denotes or refers to the individuals as the Ego’. So, any person or individual A, B, C and so on is generally referred to as the Ego A, B, C and so on.Homogeneous Ego Those Ego who does not go through many changes (or are not exposed to) in life primarily in terms of their culture, society, place, religion and ethnic existence are by and large referred to as a Homogenous Ego. In other words, an Ego whose parents continue a lineage that have similar traits of culture, society, place, religion and ethnic background and this is continued by the individual under study is a Homogenous Ego.Heterogeneous EgoIn contrast to the Homogeneous Ego, those individuals who go through many changes in life primarily in terms of their culture, society, place, religion and ethnic existence are referred to as Heterogeneous Ego’. In other words, an Ego whose parents do not have similar traits of culture, society, place, religion and ethnic background and who himself or herself is exposed to a plethora of diverse conditions and stimulations is a Heterogeneous Ego.Media ChaosEvery now and then we are all exposed to and bombarded by many different and diverse media. This has been a progressive trend and today we are mindlessly subjected to the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, T.V (different channels), Radio, and Print so on). Every individuals perception, mindset always has changed and been shaped by the media he or she is subjected to. Widespread exposure to media frequently leads to confusion of selection and passive acceptance of content that ultimately creates a situation of bedlam which is generally known as the media chaos. TV Radio Internet Twitter Grapevine cinema Social Gossip Facebook Media ChaosPopulation pyramidPopulation can be categorized in four distinct group based on wealth, education and the perquisites that naturally follow this. This is also what is known as social class and it is a universal phenomenon. The Elite, Middle Class, the Base of the Pyramid Population and the lowest in the rung occupied by the Below Poverty Line (BPL) population are the four broad categories.Elite classMiddle ClassBase of the Pyramid PopulationBelow Poverty Line (BPL)THE POPULATION PYRAMIDStoryA story is an account of event or series of events either real or imaginary. It has an organic form, that is, it has a definite start, middle and end. In other words, it is like a living organism that, is born, matures and finally dies. This allows the story to have an element of appeal, emotions, culture, moral values, messages and knowledge.StorytellingStorytelling is a process of telling or narrating a story through various media be it print (comic books, short story, novel, magazine, newspaper), digital (posts, audio, video, short films, documentary, games, and so on.) In storytelling the audience(s) listens, experiences and responds accordingly as if they are part of the story. Their brain functions in the same manner if they were living the story or in other words the story actually happening with them.Main PaperWhat is Storytelling?A Discussion PaperByThe Healing Through Remembering Storytelling sub groupPaper presented at the Storytelling as the Vehicle? Conference Dunadry Hotel, Dunadry, 29 November 2005ContentThis paper was produced by the Storytelling sub group of Healing Through Remembering. The paper aims to take us through the story of the sub group. Healing Through Remembering (HTR) is an extensive cross-community project made up of individual members holding different political perspectives. They have come together over the last five years to focus on the issue of how to deal with the past relating to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland. The Project carried out an extensive consultation in 2001/2002 which asked individuals, organizations and communities the question: How should people remember the events connected with the conflict in and about Northern Ireland and in so doing, individually and collectively, contribute to the healing of the wounds of society?. It was suggested that the person telling their story, if listened empathically to, could experience a degree of healing. Equally, it was recognized that recounting painful experiences of the past could, in the words of several contributors reopen old wounds’.LearningStorytelling can be used to sensitize common man on the issue of social harmony especially in a diverse & developing country like India to avoid all possibilities of disquiet & violence capable of marring progress and peace. Other papersSl. No. Name of Paper Name of Journal ISSN No.ISBN No. Year of Pub. Place of Pub. Brief Summary Observation 1 What is storytelling? A Discussion Paper Presented at Storytelling as the Vehicle? Conference. By The Healing Through Remembering (HTR), Storytelling sub group 291105 2005 Dunadry, Northern Ireland The paper is about how different ethnic group are living peacefully after years of conflict. The group uses storytelling as a tool of wound healing. The group collects and archive individuals story pertaining to the conflict in Northern Ireland Storytelling from personal experience can work as wound healing and avoid future conflict among different Social groups. So, story of individuals should be archived. 2 Social awareness through new media International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences (IJETCAS) (Print)2279-0047(Online)2279-0055 Dec.2014 ToFeb. 2015 The talks about many terms like multimedia, interactive entertainments, New media, customization comm., Social message, Comm. Driven economy. Communication acts as a vehicle in economic and social development of a country. As a customization comm. New media especially multimedia rich games should be used as a interactive entertainment for social message delivery. Sl. No. Name of Paper Name of Journal ISSN No.ISBN No. Year of Pub. Place of Pub. Brief Summary Observation 3 Storytelling Knowledge Solution,Asian Development Bank 27637 October 2008 Storytelling is the use of stories or narratives as a communication tool to value, share, and capitalize on the knowledge of individuals Stories are a natural tool of communication and can easily be remembered. So, analytical reports should be told as a story to general people for development communication 4 The Art of Storytelling It’s a student projectNational Center For Distinguished 2015To2016 Syria The project contains information about evolution of storytelling, importance of storytelling for children, marketing and societies. Our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than by cold, hard facts. While reading straight data, only the language parts of our brains work to decode the meaning. But when we read a story, not only the language parts of our brains light up, but any other part of the brain that we would use becomes activated if we are actually experiencing what we’re reading about . This means it is far easier for us to remember stories than hard facts Sl. No. Name of Paper Name of Journal ISSN No.ISBN No. Year of Pub. Place of Pub. Brief Summary Observation 5 Digital storytelling: New opportunities for humanities scholarship and pedagogy Cogent Arts & Humanities 3: 1181037 2016 It’s about traditional storytelling method vs digital storytelling and their benefits. Digital storytelling assisted by multimedia has new advantage over oral storytelling teaching. Participators has a greater chance of visualization and imagination over traditional forms of teaching. 6 The Seven Pillars of Storytelling Sparkol Books Dec.2015 Bristol, UK Emotion, Plot, Structure, Voice, Villain, Hero and conflicts are the seven pillars that the book tries to explore. Storytelling is used widely in advertisement and brand build up. Our brains are wired for stories. 92% consumers want their brands to make ads that feel like story.Neural coupling of audiences happens with the storyteller thus ensuring effective communication. Some selected real story1. Hindus and Muslims Shared Some Moments of Grief Together Hindu and Muslim residents of Sendhwa town in Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh came together to cremate 75-old-year Sitaram who had no family member left behind. People from both the communities attended his funeral ceremony and cremated him with full honour. 2. Hindus and Sikhs Helped Repair a Mosque People from the Sikh and Hindu communities helped repair an old mosque in Nathowal village near Ludhiana. They also took care of more than 65 percent of the repair expenses. The project cost was around Rs. 25 lakh, of which Rs. 15 lakh was contributed by Sikhs and Hindus. The three communities live in peace in this village. Muslims and Hindus contribute to the gurudwara work as well. A resident of the village informed The Times of India that they celebrate all festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Rakhi, Eid, and Gurupurab together.3. Muslim Man Performed His Friend’s Last Rites Following All Hindu Rituals When Santosh Singh lost his life to a terminal disease, his friend Razzak Khan Tikari, a Muslim, performed his last rites following all Hindu rituals. He set a very touching example of how religion can never be a barrier when it comes to true friendship. Razzak is a resident of Chhattisgarh, and he had been friends with Santosh for many years. Santosh and his family were not very well off. After Santosh’s death, Razzak also helped his friend’s wife financially.

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