A New Ending to the Lord of the Flies Essay

Instead of coming at me, like I thought he would he ran the opposite direction and started screaming at the top of his lungs. By now the fire was out of control; it was racing down the mountain side, faster than fast. I started to run again, this time I was running toward the beach. “I need to get the littluns to safety” I said to myself. I ran and ran to the beach and went to grab the conch were it should have been; but I stopped myself.

The conch is gone just like Piggy. Shattered, into a million pieces. I fell to the ground with exhaustion and grief.

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A New Ending to the Lord of the Flies Essay
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I could feel the heat of the fire coming nearer and nearer. As Jacks hunters came closer to me I heard them chanting a different chant. I could have sworn that I hear Jack screaming in pain. Someone burst out of the trees, screaming in pain. “Jack,” I said to myself as I looked to see if I was right.

Sure enough I was right, but this was worse than I imagined, he was on fire! Half of his body was burnt. He looked at me with a sad, hurt look. He ran past me and jumped into the ocean. Jack never resurfaced, and I wasn’t about to go and get him.

I heard more screaming behind me. I knew they were coming after me so I ducked down and tried to not move. Maybe they won’t notice me. It must have been ten minutes before I heard any noise coming out of the forest. But as everyone gathered around me it became silent. “Is everything all right? ” I heard a somewhat familiar voice say. I looked up to see who was talking. I started to talk, but as I saw who it was my mouth just stayed open. “Dad? ” I said in unbelief. “I knew it. ” I yelled as I got up and ran to him. He stared as if I was dead.

Maybe I am dead and this is all a dream. As I jumped in to his arms I was assured that I was alive when he caught me. He whispered in my ear. “Ralph? Is that you? ” “YES! ” I yelled “it is me! ” I said more quietly. I started to cry out of relief. Dad started to cry too. “I thought you were dead! ” he said barely above a whisper. “Well, how many of you are there? ” he asked getting up and putting me down. “Um, I really don’t know. There are a few kids dead. ” I said the last part a little quieter. “Well than, who is the leader. Roger was standing next to me. When dad said this, I half expected him to claim the glory, and I was going to let him. Instead he backed up, as did all the other kids. Roger spoke up, “Ralph is the leader. ” He said this with a sound of remorse. “Ralph? How could you let this happen? ” dad sounded surprised that I could let everything get so out of hand. “I tried to keep everything under control, but when jack got mad and left, everything went out of hand. You can’t honestly think that I could keep control over twenty some boys. I said this and started to cry. “Well then I guess we should get you boy’s home. ” My dad said with a look of guilt on his face. I don’t blame him, though. On the ride home I couldn’t help but ask how mom is. She is fine apparently. I can’t wait to see her. Dad said she couldn’t get over the fact that I was gone. When we made sure that every one was home and good, we made our way home. As we arrived to the house I was reminded of the day I left here some time ago. As I burst through the door to start my life over.

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