A National Tradegy Essay

Turning significant events into narrations allows Americans to replay events and go over them constantly throughout their lifetime. Many victims were injured on September 11th and in order to remember that day we tell the story frequently on the news and throughout the news paper remembering the disastrous event. “Stories are, among many other things, templates of behavior” (Peck 735). We as Americans have no choice but to put events into context. Peck states “Tragedy is above all a genre of suffering and witness.

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A National Tradegy Essay
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A form of lamentation, it facilitates mourning and generates memories. ” (735). By stating this we are able to understand that in suffering we continuing mourn while being able to recall the memories of our family member or loved ones that suffered from the twin towers. It makes people doubt opinions they stand by and believe they are failing them, whether it is religious views or a certain belief. Although September 11th was a heartbreaking event, Peck states “I think this ought to be the tenor of our discourse in the wake of September 11th” (736).

Many Americans have mourned over the loss of victims but many Americans lives were altered by this awful incident. We as Americans have benefited by having military personal patrol airports and having better security throughout the country. The attackers have been condemned allowing us to see into another person’s point of view to look into the outlook of Americas safety. The attackers of September 11th had a clear message, “In their rhetoric, the World Trade Center figures Americas global economic power and certain modernist insouciance; the pentagon figures America’s Military power” (Peck 736).

The attacks dramatize the destruction and construct America as the wealthy super power it is, clearly these attacks were criminal acts and the attackers must be brought to justice through the Supreme Court and internationally. The world knows America better than us Americans know of it. Through emotion and painful events such as this one America has came to better understand itself and the strengths that it has. America has one of the strongest military personal in the world, allowing us to be able to react to attacks such as this one.

Peck states “Since September 11th, I believe we’ve been living out a national melodrama” (737). A western movie was created by President Bush “Wanted: Dead or Alive” casting Osama bin Laden causing the defining moment of Americas melodrama allowing people to be aware of the attacker by posting posters throughout the United States. America has sent military troops over to Iraq in search of the attackers killing innocent citizen in order to voice our opinions on this matter. The best assurance that the US will not again be the object of comparably horrific terrorist attack is an equitable distribution of global capital that moves wealth more evenly though out the world and generates genuinely reciprocal forms of cultural encounter” (Peck 738). September 11th should open Americans eyes to this matter and may they always remember this day and remember to who they are and who died for them on that tragic day. Works Cited James Peck. “September 11th-a National Tragedy? ” Writing Analytically with Readings. 2nd Ed. Eds. David Rossenwasser and Jill Stephen. Boston: Wadsworth, 2012. 734-740. Print

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