A lot of people in this world carry out the action that Essay

A lot of people in this world carry out the action that can affect their choices in life. These actions that people take can also explain how the people can change from one type of person to another. In 1859, author name Charles Dickens has written his second book of historical fiction and he name it as A Tale of two cities and this novel is one of his most popular novels. This novel is set in London and France during the France Revolution.

The story of the novel has represented about the France Revolution and also show how people can change from a loving or ruthless person because of how their actions influence their choices in life. Beside this people have talk about this novel a lot and they also think that A Tale of Two Cities novel is about to show people the most powerful force on earth.

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A lot of people in this world carry out the action that Essay
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Is Dickens really want to show that Love is the most powerful force on earth? So this paper will examine whether or not Love is the most powerful force on earth.The first thing that Dickens has shown to the reader is the love between Lucie Manette and Dr. Manette, who has suffered a lot from his 18 years in prison. The action that Lucie show on how see love and take care to her father and how her father feels about her when he sees her again. The quote that show how lovingly was Lucie to her father and how her father was comforted by her hands. In the book it also said that it a long time that Dr. Manette remained with Lucie arm around him and he also feel safe to sleep in his daughter arm peacefully. (Dickens,1859, p8) After 18 years of darkness, Dr. Manette was come back to life again by her daughter, Lucie. Because of his daughter love, Dr. Manette is enable to regain his confidence and hope again. And it became important later when Lucie Manette met Charles Darnay and fell in love with him. As you know in the novel A Tale of Two Cities character Charles Darnay and character Sydney Carton has fell in love with Lucie Manette at the same time. But at the end Lucie Manette had choose Charles Darnay to be her husband and it make Sydney Carton heartbroken because he really loves Lucie. Beside not angry with Lucie Manette for not choosing him but Sydney Carton still love her the same way as he did before. Near the end of the story, Charles Darnay has been arrested because of the French Revolution start. So after Lucie Manette has known that her husband is in the prison, she is cry and sad every day. Sydney Carton has known about this and as the reader know Carton is the one who love Lucie as away so he can not sit and see her tears every day so he decides to do something to make her smile again if he know that he will die because of this but he still want to do it for Lucie the woman that he love the most. The death is waiting for Darnay, but Carton take his place so that Darnay and his family can escape from this situation. He has done everything that make Lucie happy and he do not want anything back. In A Tale of Two Cities novel it has one sentence that Carton talk with Mr. Lorry that he doesn’t want Lucie to know that he helps her husband that he said Don’t tell Lucie of this arrangement, She might imagine a thousand reason for it and any of them would only add to her troubles. I had better not see her at all. I can do any little helpful work that my hand can find to do, without that. You are going to see her, I hope. She must be very unhappy tonight. (Dickens,1859, p96). The love that one man has to one woman is seen so important because it tend to change people a lot. According to Prezi website Mr.Cassandra Tilleman have also write about the power of love in A Tale of Two Cities and he also said the sentence that show how Car ton love Lucie a lot For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything.(147) Here Carton is speaking to Lucie of the love he holds for her. More of a confession than a request for response, his monologue ends in a plead for her discretion, as well as the promise that for her (and anyone she loves) Carton would make any sacrifice. This is a foreshadowing of Sydney’s action to come, concerning Lucie and someone indeed dear to her (Charles). Through this action Carton reveals himself as more than just a lousy drunk. He proves his true commitment in his love for Lucie. (Cassandra, 2013) Beside the big love that Carton give to Lucie but also her father Dr. Manette have given his love and support to Lucie too. In chapter 18 in the book A Tale of Two Cities it shows how supportive Dr. Manette is, he gives his love and support to his daughter, Lucie to waiting for Darnay to come back. Not only that he also tries to help his son in law to get out from the prison and this thing make Darnay feel thank to his father in law so bad. And in the book also said one quote about this feeling that Darnay said We must thank your father. No other man in the whole of France could have done what he has done for me. (Dickens,1859, p84-85) Moreover in the book Dickens has shown one sentence that Dr. Manette give advice to Darnay and Lucie that, he said You must not be weak, my dearest, do not be afraid. Did I tell you that I should save him? Well, I have save him. (Dickens,1859, p85) He tell Lucie to stay strong even something happens because if he was here Lucie will be safe and happy. In conclusion, Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities to show people about the French Revolution and also to show people the powerful of love that can make people do everything like Sydney Carton did. Moreover, Love can be the most beautiful thing on earth for people that why people change when they falling in love with someone. Beside this it also shows how the love between the father and the daughter that haven’t see each other about 18 years. Love can recover everything especially the love that come from the pure heart.

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