A Juggling Act Essay

Anna feels dissatisfied with her level of contribution COMPARED to other managers. * Has a tendency to compare herself to those people around her. 3. Anna has 18 month old daughter. 4. Anna feels constant conflict between desire to surpass client expectations and her commitment to being a good mother. 5. Unsure what she wants in life.

Anna is performing at a 100% within her 60% capacity, while she views others at 120% at 100% capacity, yet still feels like she isn’t measuring up. 7. Not being able to meet desired family life even with reduced work life.

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A Juggling Act Essay
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8. Anna wants to be successful in every area of life— not just her career. 9. Church meeting made her realize she needs to look at her health gauges and set GOALS as to what she really wants in life. Symptoms The following symptoms (evidence) show that Anna is facing a serious problem 1.

Feeling like a “star” again lead to her feeling guilty for not providing Kristin with enough dedicated time at home 2. Felt impatient during social interactions, when she used to be very social in the work place.

3. No longer taking lunch breaks. 4. Still feels pressure, even though only being paid 60% and working a lot of extra hours 5. Comparing herself to full-time workers, even though she is part-time 6. Felt like she had no one close to her who could really relate to her situation and provide her with the support she needed. 7.

Reluctant to contact someone she didn’t know to obtain the support she needed. 8. Feels like she can’t keep all the balls (work life, social life, and mother life) in the air right now and anticipates a burn out if something does not change in the immediate future. 9. Chris (Anna’s husband) noticed her high stress level may be what was affecting her sleep, eating, patience level and emotional stability Underlying Problems 1. Anna is constantly comparing herself with individuals that are not operating under the same conditions (full-time vs. part-time, family vs. single). 2. A lack of clear, defined goals in her job.

Management needs to provide Anna with specific, relevant and challenging goals, so that she stays motivated and has a feeling of accomplishment (meeting all goals/expectations). 3. Overload with work. From the key conversations I noticed that they were always asking her to do extra projects in addition to her current duties that required 100% work in a 60% capacity. 4. Anna is unsure exactly what she wants more out of life. Advance her career or advance her motherly duties. Is in a constant conflict in choosing between the two and feels she is failing at one when she succeeds in the other.

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