A Global Perspective on Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease: A Global Perspective

Before posting to the discussion this week, log into your Global Health Learning Account and complete ONE of the following trainings: 1) Malaria, 2) HIV basic biology, epidemiology and prevention OR 3) Tuberculosis – Advanced Concepts and earn a certificate.

After completing the training upload your certificate to the discussion, use the training name as your subject line.

  1. Share three interesting things you learned from the training.
  2. How did the training relate to the required reading for the week?
  3. Is the disease you studied vaccine preventable?
  4. Why is it considered a global threat?
  5. Where is the disease most prevalent?
  6. What is the annual mortality rate

A Global Perspective on Infectious Disease 1

Include a full APA formatted reference list. The number and label each item.

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