A Change of Heart Essay

A Change of Heart I was only fourteen years old. The time had come for me to make a decision, to choose between two destinies. It was the time for me to decide whether I would maintain the plain look and keep my mom jeans, or whether I would ditch those loser jeans and go with the sleek skinny jeans. Though most people wouldn’t consider this a matter worth debating over, it reached the highest of my concerns. Knowing the knowledge that we live in a judgmental world, a place where people judge based on outward appearance, I went with the choice that was clear; I must invest in the skinnies.

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A Change of Heart Essay
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The mall was the place for a guy like me to be! After me and my brother arrived, we browsed a large variety of pants. Red, yellow, black, and white, the clothing stores contained many unique fashions and colors. The prices made everything easy: the higher the price, the better the product! Due to my brother, who has the fashion sense of a queen, I was bound for the looks of awesomeness.

He would tell me what matches and what does not. I trusted him.

After all, it was him that got me interested in this style! Now that I have this tremendous change of heart, there ain’t no going back. Never in a million years would I trade a pair of my tight-around-the-booty jeans for a yucky, bland pair of mom jeans like I used to have. I remain thankful for the fun tradition me and my brother have of broin’ out together at the mall and movies. The memories and knowledge I have gained goes higher than any mountain I’ve ever climbed.

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