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Nonprofit Leadership: A Case Study Analysis

Bands Community Services is an organization that serves a small suburban community. The organization employees 35 full time and 15 part time staff. They have several programs serving abused and neglected children. The organization has served its community for the past 25 years. The organization was formerly led by a CEO, Bill Lakes, who was one of the original founders of the organization. When Lakes retired from the organization, he recommended that his second-in-command, Ingrid Mans, assume the role of the CEO. Lake’s leadership could best be described as participative. He rarely made major decisions without involving both the board and the staff in the decision-making process. He had very good relationships with both the board and the staff. The board had adopted the Carver model of leadership and for the most part used this model in providing leadership and oversight to Lakes and to the organization.

A Case Study Analysis Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1

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A Case Study Analysis Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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Ingrid Mans had served in her position for 10 years prior to taking on the new CEO role. Most of the board members knew Mans well and considered her to be a progressive leader. She was well trusted by the board. Initially, when Mans assumed her position, the organization maintained the same direction and leadership style of Lake’s legacy. Mans, however, began to implement policies within the organization that she would later report to the board as necessary due to problems she encountered. One such policy required all expenses to be approved by her. The former policy required only supervisory approval. Mans assumed more of a role of reporting to the board and committees rather than collaborating with them. Staff began to complain that she micromanaged every aspect of the organization. Board members would often question why decisions they made were not implemented. During the planning of a fundraising event, Mans overturned most decisions that the committee made, causing two key committee volunteers to resign. Two direct reports of Mans have recently left their positions. Mans misrepresented to the board their reasons for leaving, causing both individuals to write letters to the board that stated they could not work for Mans due to her micromanagement. A board member has now asked the entire board to address these issues.

Based on what you have read in this case study, develop a 660- to 900-wordanalysis of this case. Include the following in your analysis:

  1. Identify a minimum of three issues related to the structure and leadership of this organization.
  2. Address how this organization should be structured.
  3. Prescribe roles and responsibilities of the board and CEO in this case and how they should be implemented.
  4. Make a recommendation on actions the board needs to take in this case.

Use a minimum of three sources to support your work.

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