9/11 Essay

I have chosen this topic because I think it’s an important topic, because it have ef-fected a lot for people. Many have lost a member of their families so I would like to know if they get any help from psychologists after. I would like to find out what happened that day, How has the attack effected America and how is their safety after the attack, has it become better or worse.
What happened?

On September 11 2001 a terrorist Group attacked the Unites States.

The group hi-jacked four aircrafts. The terrorists flew two of the aircrafts in to the world trade center in New York. It’s Tuesday, quite a normal morning, beautiful weather in New York, everything is as it used to be nothing mysterious. People are at work also in the two towers, north and south also called the World Trade Center about 50,000 were at work that day, a day that none of them would come to forget. For what they did not know was that 19 terrorists had hijacked four planes to different kinds of terrorist attacks, among them the two towers in New York, but also the Pentagon came under fire as well as anything else that you do not know where should happen when the plane crashed down in a field in Pennsylvania after a tough long struggle from ordinary passenger against the terrorists who fought in vain to get the terrorists to “lose”.

At 8:46 local time in New York flew the first plane into the north tower, a huge ex-plosion which could be heard “everywhere” in the streets of New York. There was 92 passengers on board + crew. The first thing they thought was that it “just” was an accident. They did not know it was a terrorist attack. At 9:03 the second tower was hit by another plane. There was now no doubt that this was a terrorist attack, firemen stormed the two towers to help so many innocent people as possible, they sacrificed their own lives for the benefit of a lot of others people lives. The south tower, which was the first hit, was also the first tower to collapsed at 9:59 a giant smoke cloud was hovering over Manhattan. At 10:28 crashed the north tower to-gether, people on the streets ran as fast as they had learned to escape from all the smoke, but many were trapped inside a huge puff of smoke. They have discovered how the two towers could collapse, researchers say that the aluminum beams not could take the heat form the burning airplanes so it was melted and the two towers collapse.
Why did it happen?

We all know what happened at 9/11, but the question is why it happened that day. Ron Paul says that it was American own fault the 9/11 attacks happened. One of the reasons could be that the American intervention in the Middle East is the main reason why 9/11 happened. It may be a part of it because when you go in another country, they are going to push back.

Bin Laden and his group did not like the U.S was in to the golf and they did not like U.S support of Israel. They already knew about Bin Laden before 9/11. He tried to blow up World Trade Center in 1993. But that did not succeed for him.

There are also some who believe that it is the United States who was behind it to create an aggressive mood against their opponents in the Middle East so the attack was organized by the U.S, maybe even with President George Bush in the lead. The objective would be to justify the fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, putting sales in the weapons industry and to keep tighter control of people in America. But the official version still sounds like that it was al-Qaeda, with Osama bin Laden in the front, which planned and carried the attack.

The time after 9/11:
The attack on 11 September left their mark in the world and not least in the United States. After the attacks began America to think more of themselves than before. Their foreign policy changed, they began to strengthen their military and plan in-vasions in both Afghanistan and Iraq to stop possible future terrorist attacks against them. The president imposed a military policy after the attack, which made the U.S, used incredible amount of money to improve the military even then they did not have 100% control of the economy. Al Qaeda has hit them well on the eco-nomic way, the money they spent on military improvement and it is one of the rea-sons that there are economic crisis in the country today.
How is security in the country now?
The airport control has become stricter we must almost not have ourselves with on a plane anymore.
What has it meant to U.S.A?

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