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IoT otherwise known as Internet of Things is the new interconnection of technology. This is the next big thing where future growth will take place. Everyday objects such as vehicles, home appliances and consumer products are all integrated with internet connectivity and powerful data analytic capabilities that is bound to change our working world, our lifestyle and how we may interact. Internet of Things is defined as “a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction” (Rouse et al, n.

d., para.1). Interestingly any physical object can be modified into an IoT device once it is connected and controlled by the internet. IoT has its advantages, some of which may include Communication, automation and saving us money. Once anything is connected to the internet we are prone to risks, namely stolen identities, hacking & Privacy & data sharing.

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4r4r Essay
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One such body that we can rely on to help protect us from these risks is the ICANN. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an organization responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespace and numerical spaces of the internet, ensuring the network stable and secure operations. ICANN is very important because it helps to coordinate the supply of IP addresses that our IoT devices use. In this sense they help organizations and people access the internet.

The main purpose of IoT is to automate our life which can make things much easier but at the same time we all should be aware of privacy issues. Think of it this way the IoT supports M2M (machine to machine) communication where physical devices collaborate with each other promoting higher quality and greater efficiency. IoT doesn’t need much human interaction; it basically operates on its own saving us as humans time. Especially in our Jamaican society many of us can’t bother to spend a lengthy time transacting business as we’re too impatient, so a little help we’d consider as doing us no harm. This automated process allows dominance leading to a smoother operation. Since IoT is built on efficiency we save money and resources. For example our Smart TV or electronic devices are able to automatically turn off itself once it’s not in use. These devices immediately notify us, its owners of malfunctions or other technical related issues. With this immediate response it helps to save time and money. This results in the IoT system being more environmentally friendly as they thrive on minimum resources. With that being said IoT is the life of the 21st century.

Additionally, there are concerns that we may have as it relates to the IoT system. When anything goes on the internet it’ll always be there. Say for instance I have a Facebook profile and I uploaded pictures of myself. If I feel as if I no longer want to be a part of social media I will deactivate my account but even though that’s done my information is stored somewhere on the cloud so if a random person started searching they may find a picture or two of me somewhere on Google. Though there are security measures put in place to protect our privacy and information we are prone to hackers breaking into a database and stealing information. Once they gain our information they can use it to impersonate us by stealing our identity. When you visit a domain or website link this is connected through a server that converts the name into numbers known as the IP address that the server then directs you to the actual website location. Those unique identifiers are link to a certain protocol parameter that allows computer to communicate. This in turn is a part of the function of IANA that is controlled by ICANN. In this case the ICANN organize names for Domain. Each domain is linked to a specific IP address. By connecting IoT through the IP, information is transferred and we are able to track where our information is being used and what devices we do things on over the internet. Therefore in our Jamaican society if we are using the internet freely we can always find means and ways to investigate the domain that we access and so forth. Without these unique IP addresses we’d not be able to determine credible sources and identify where in the world we are accessing the information from. So through ICANN it provides a sense of security in knowing the website we visit and how we are able to prevent risks. Utilizing the IoT systems can lead to a negative development as we know that without ICANN our information may not always be protected. We will be dependent on machines or the internet to do our work and not in all cases this will be free from errors. More and more people will be at a loss of jobs since the need for human interaction wouldn’t be a necessity.

In conclusion, the Internet of Things was developed as a way to make human beings life way easier through the use of devices and internet connection. Though we may think this is good, we are exposed to risk that can be dangerous to us. The help of the ICANN directs us to specific location that may help to discover where our information is used.

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