4P analysis of Phoenix Essay

The success of Phoenix Satellite Television starts with the accurate positioning. According to research, in 2011, the coverage of Phoenix Chinese Channel in southern China including Gudgeon and Axing province enjoyed a dominant position among all the areas In China. Meanwhile, administration and enterprise network have become the main channels for people to watch Phoenix TV. More than 65% of people have watched Phoenix Chinese Channel through administration cable network specifically. The number is still gradually increasing in recent years.

As it is dated on the 201 2 Annual Report of Phoenix Satellite Television Station Holdings Limited, the dally viewing of Phoenix Chinese Channel among business executives rose 28% year-on-year, and maintained as the fourth most popular channel compared with CATV General, CATV News, Dragon TV and so forth.

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4P analysis of Phoenix Essay
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Phoenix Chinese Channel as well as Phoenix Infernos Channel also receives a high level of audience attention in offices and hotels where people who enjoy high income such as general manager, CEO and partner of an organization are easy to be spotted.

Apart from equines world, Phoenix TV has also gained its popularity in political field. Ghana Goal’, the member of the Political Bureau of the CPA Central Committee, described Phoenix TV as his old friend, praising the contribution that Phoenix has made to promote cultural communication between China and western world. Therefore, having examined all the characteristics of TV population, it is not hard to find the clear market segmentation of Phoenix.

Individuals who own high educational background, possess a high position with high income are carefully targeted, which earns the information and news content tot Phoenix TV have been made to satisfy the tastes and interests of this group of viewers. By doing so, Phoenix defines exactly who they want to reach, making itself stand out from many other TV channels in Greater China. Based on its well-positioned target market, Phoenix has built some solid strategies from different perspectives to reach its audiences effectively.

First of all, it is the product that is the essential part of any company and the most direct link between customers and an organization. The most important products of Phoenix, apparently, are programmers. Phoenix TV, including 6 channels, contains a variety of programmers, ranging from political and financial news and current affairs through live broadcast and talk shows to films, music reviews as well as mini-series in both China and foreign regions. Programmers of Phoenix are quite comprehensive and insightful, especially In Phoenix Chinese Channel.

Besides Its core products, Phoenix has made an effort in multi-media platform. Phoenix New Media Limited, one of the subleases of Phoenix, has formed a partnership with the British Broadcasting Corporation and the National Film Board of Canada successively to provide foreign regaining on Phoenix’s digital media platforms in China. At the same time, Phoenix Metropolis Holdings Limited engages in the outdoor media business In China by offering outdoor advertising services on giant-sized LED panels.

Since the Internet tofu developing multi-media products indeed helps Phoenix to remain competitive in this new age. Another strategy that Phoenix employed to adapt to the new marketing environment is to think global, act local’. The launch of Phoenix CANE and Phoenix North America Chinese Channel could serve as a great example. Focusing on the overseas Chinese, tot two channels contain several well-known programmers such as Asian Journal and Good Morning China, as well as some in-house programmers including Europe Today and Experience America.

Whilst those well-known programmers are responsible for the brand building of Phoenix and keeping overseas audience informed on the situation in China, in-house programmers meet the demands of understanding the local life of foreign countries. That is to say, local news and cultural information provide a practical help towards overseas Chinese. Due to the successful use of marketing strategy, Phoenix is now experiencing the ‘maturity eroded in its product life cycle after the process of introduction and growth. The story of Phoenix is about to reach its climax.

The Phoenix’s strategy of pricing is not uncommon in media industry. As the Phoenix Satellite TV has grounded in Gudgeon Cable TV Network, each family only needs a set-top box and 25-RHOMB monthly fee to subscribe the Phoenix TV. As for the products via other media platforms, the price of Phoenix Weekly has been raised because of the growth of production cost, but the sales are not largely affected. Basically, watching Phoenix TV programmers online is free. If people would like to pay ARM monthly, they could enjoy all programmers in high-definition format without any advertisement.

The third significant factor, place, or specifically distribution, could influence the sales of products greatly. Different products need different distribution strategies. In the case of Phoenix TV, as a satellite broadcaster, the primary distribution method is by Assist AS. However, unsurprisingly, there is another way in mainland China. As Ill Change mentioned in the interview with the Washington Post in 2005, ‘only hotels, universities and certain state employees were supposed to receive Phoenix, but students began installing satellite dishes illegally to pick it up. The censorship is still strict, but it would not dampen the enthusiasm of people to watch Phoenix. Although the specific approaches in mainland China, Hong Kong and other countries are slightly different, the main distribution strategies could be divided into two categories: direct distribution and indirect distribution. The traditional television and magazines allow people to obtain the news content and information from broadcasters directly, whilst the Internet become the middleman during the process of distribution.

TV programmers could be seen on the official website of Phoenix, and readers could find the magazine’s article in APS. With the advancement of Internet, indirect distribution may become the most common distribution strategy of media products. Among all the TV stations. In this sense, the most crucial strategy is to construct in- house celebrities covering hosts, reporters and commentators. Sally We, Chin Lulu and Tiger Huh, they are all superstars that have been made by Phoenix. Their strong personal style not only becomes the symbol of themselves, but makes their programmers as personal brands.

In other words, the individual image and reputation have been related to the programmers closely. Therefore, it would be a situation either double-win or double-lose. Besides, the use of cultural celebrities has also become a wise choice for Phoenix to improve its reputation. Hosting the programmer Eight Minutes Reading, Liana Wended, for instance, successfully attracts more attention from his previous readers. Apart from this, social media has been considered as a useful platform for promotion. Like many other TV stations, Phoenix owns various accounts on different platform including, Webb and Weight.

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