31 JOB TASKS The job of sales department in Bayou Lagoon Park Essay


The job of sales department in Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Melaka is responsible for selling the hotel’s offerings both the products and services. It is occupied with multifarious offerings to cater different occasions between business, leisure and service with the first-class standards. Sales department is also the first attempt for the organization to attract the customers. It is because all the staff of this department is also having good communication for generating the sales and revenue for the company.

At this department, I also had been done by completion of all associated paperwork. It is also liaising closely with finance department for collection or payments from the organizer from time to time. Hence, there are lot of task that assigned for me to be completed.


1) Answer the phone call.

First, I must answer the phone call from the customer to entertain the certain purpose. Next, I must answer the phone in as one or two rings as possible.

It is one of the rules of this organization. It is quickly showing the caller, who is more than likely to be customer, that our company is efficient. Then, I will be greeting the caller first such as “Good Morning or Good afternoon” and identify the department which is” Sales department Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Melaka”. Next, i am must assumed that someone from my organization is listening in on the conversation. Even if they are not, thinking that they are can help me to use my professional and clear voice. It is because as one of the trainees, I was represented the image of the organization itself. In addition, I will keep a pen and paper next me to take note the details or any information from the customer. Then, I will ask the right closed-ended question by verify the information.

2) Transfer the phone call to others Department.

Secondly, I will ask the caller the purpose for calling and what event he/she wants to organize at this hotel. Then, if the caller wants to book the accommodation for the event, I transferred to reservation department except the participant of the event 15 and above. It is because of the rules thumb in the sales department and also the organization itself. Next, I was putting the caller on hold and wait for his or her response. When the recipient accepts the call, I ended the conversation professionally with sincerely in my voice said “Guest on the Line” and “Thank you”.

Both sorts of the task must follow with the problem arise as well as the solution itself. The problem arise is handling the difficult calls with the various of customers type. Customer service needs to handle problem and solving with a friendly and professional. Customer might come from many different backgrounds, be frustrated and difficult so as a customer service representative need to be patient to help the problem and represent the company well to help ensure good ongoing business standing. Firstly, practice active listener with the listening skills by allowing the caller to get what off his or her said. And also, do not interrupt the customer’s talk. It is well help greatly in dealing with the customer. Then, I also lowered my voice and speak in an even tone. At the same time, begin speaking more slowly with standard and clear voice. It is also can remain calm of her or his voice tone.

3) Handle the Contract Rate to the Travel Agents.

Basically, the contract rate is usually listed as an annual interest rate if the travel agents keeps their terms and conditions of agreement. It is also always played an important role in a hotel’s revenue. In fact, contract rate usually requested by the mail or phone call to sales department or reservation department. The requesting must have the full details such as name of the requester, name of the travel agent, full address, telephone number, handphone number and mail address. The, I had to edit and printed the contract rate referred to the travel agent’s details that he or she send. Next, I edited the sample of the contract rates by completing the validity of the period until the end of the year which December 2018. It is because the sales admin manager already prepared done for the reference to other demand of the contract rates. Then, I had to print the contract rates form used the both sided print and portrait orientation. Then I had to submit it for getting the approval to the Director of Sales, Mr Kane Lee. It is also can detecting the wrong of the contract rates. After that, I had to get the General Manager’s approval through the Secretary which is Ms Irene to checking the form for the second review. After got all the signature of the head of company, the contract rates were approved and had to sent to the travel agent. Last but not least. I scanned into sales officer’s PC and mailed the contract rates to the sender of the travel agent by carbon copy to Sales admin manager, reservation manager, reservation department and also front office manager. Then, the original contract rates form needs to filing into the contract rates files by letter of alphabet.

There is also had the problem of the contract rates itself which is the length of getting the DOS and GM’s signatures. It is also can make the travel agent waited for so long to get the contract rates for promoting and advertising to their customers. And the solution of this problem is the sales department must keep informed to the secretary by having the regular conversation and remind the General Manager instead of just silence moment. Sometimes, if I waiting until the annual reminder, most of the accomplishments will be old news. And, it will defame the company’s image as well as increasing the partners among the travel agents.

4) Update the Salesperson Achievements Summary Fortnightly.

Throughout my industrial training, I will be involved in developing the revenue of the sales department. Every salesperson needs to work smartly and maintain the achievement in order to achieve the revenue’s target. It is because every salesperson had their monthly target to achieve and also the year-to-date calculation. In every second week of a month, the organization will organize the sales and operation meeting with all the salesperson and sales administrators also led by General Manager or Managing Director. The main focus of the meeting is to review the salesperson’s achievement fortnightly. Then, they will discuss the problem arise at the event for planning the more memorable event in this hotel. After the meeting, I was instructed by the Sales Admin Manager to update the salesperson achievements summary on the sales board in front of the sales office. It is including the target and achievements of the salesperson itself. So that, salespersons can also review again their target and achievements to get more motivation for generating more sales and revenue for the company. Then, all the salesperson also can plan for the next sales blitz and sales calls.

5) Travelling Claim Form Twice a Month.

As a salesperson, they must go out for the outstation in every Monday until Thursday for the sales call and sales blitz purpose. Everyone had their own sales segmentation which is the place that they can go out for the sales blitz and sales call. In fact, they will be stayed at the certain hotel to stay over for next day appointments. It is also including the meals for their breakfast, lunch and dinner also. So that, all the salesperson needs to complete the travelling claim form for supporting the financial goals. In every 15th and 30th or 31th of a month, every salesperson needs to submit their travelling claim and attach supporting evidence of the expenditure for instance receipts, bills or others invoices. If these are not available, claims may be not proceeded to the financial controller’s approval. After all the submission done, Sales Admin Manager was checked the claim form to get the Director of Sales’ approval as well as the financial controller’s approval. Next, I will proceed to make a copy of the travelling claim form that used to be filing into the sales claim’s files. Then, I had to pass it to the Account payable which is Ms Lilis to proceed for the cheque withdrawal. And the most important thing is cheque should whenever possible be approved by financial controller.

6) Handle the Sales Kit.

Every month and also every week, all the salesperson should go out for the sales blitz and sales call. At the same time, the most important for the sales blitz is the sales kit that a key for attracting the customers to come to Bayou Lagoon Park Resort. Then, as a trainee, I am the person in charge to prepare the sales kit for the salesperson. After that, I will be arranged it into the office cupboard to make the salesperson easier to find and took for the sales blitz purpose. It is also effective introductory sales that help make a professional impression. Next, they will make the appointments that particularly helpful for starting the sales with the large organisations. In some case, it is essential for grabbing attention of the customers by the attraction of the informative sales kit.


1) Handle the Quotation.

Firstly, I will be calling or answering the phone of the potential customer for collecting his/her details. The purpose of collecting the details is to fill up the lead form to pass it to the sales administrators to proceed with the quotation of the event. For instance, request the quotation for the family day event which for the government or corporate. When the sales administrators were on their leave day, I will take over to make the quotation. At the same time, the details of the customer should be complete to proceed for the quotation. The details including name of the guest and company, full address of company or personal, phone number, event date, mail address, number of participants, and the types of event. Next, I will edit the sample of the quotation of the event based on the salesperson. Then, I need to sent the quotation to the customer as per request and also, I need to carbon copy to Sales Admin Manager and the salesperson in charge. Other than that, it is also needs to blind carbon copy to the Secretary which is Ms Irene for their record. After that, I need to print the page one and two of the quotation to update the Quotation Sent Report, then give it to the salesperson. It is for the reference at the Sales meeting led the General Manager or Managing Director.

2) Fill in the Group Reservation Form.

After send the quotation and also the customer had been done confirmed, sales department should book the accommodation and also the hall as per request by the organizer. Sales administrator is a person that should fill in the group reservation form to ensure a steady flow of the guests into the hotel. This form is also including the name of the organizer, address, market segment, arrival date, departure date, types of room, rates per unit and also the expected the total of Front Office and Food and beverage department revenue. And then, I will email it to the reservation department for them to reserve the accommodation for the potential customer. Hence, a well-organized reservation system helps in fulfilling the customers’ needs as well as in reaching a targeted daily occupancy rate. Last but not least, the salesperson needs to prepare the Event Order (EO) for the arrangement of the event.

3) Release the Event Order (EO).

Basically, an event order commonly referred to as a “EO”, is a document that outlines the details of the event. It is also the guideline for the hotel to state the equipment and arrangement to all the necessary departments. Typically, the event is planned by the organizer and when the event arrangement is finalizes, sales department should prepare for it as a reference to another department. Event order are then needs printed off the Sales Admin Manager, Director of Sales, Financial Controller and also General Manager’s approval before distributed to another department in preparing for the event. Last but not least, I had been to scan and email it to all the department in this hotel. So that, it will keep employees engaged together and the great way to bring the company team closer together too. Plus, having a strong team at work makes employees more excited to come to work and put their best effort into the event.

4) Prepare the meal vouchers.

A meal voucher is a voucher for a meal given to the organizer and the participants allowing them to eat at Bayou Coffee House and Bayou convention Centre (BCC). As a trainee, I prepared the meal vouchers based on the total of participant that stated in the Event Order (EO). Then, I put in the printed envelope named by the organizer company. Next, I had to print the handover list of the meal vouchers and pass it to the Front Office Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager or Front of Supervisor. This handover list must sign by them for approval that I had done prepare the meal vouchers and also sent it to the Front Office department. Typically, the meal vouchers are commonly used for the breakfast meal. Nowadays, this voucher gives to the organizer at the time of check in.


Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents or known as MATTA is national umbrella representative body for the entire hospitality industry in the country. Moreover, Kuala Lumpur is the headquarters of MATTA organization with a full of time secretariat. As well as, MATTA has state chapters such as in Kedah, Penang, Perak, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and also Labuan. Currently, MATTA boasts a membership of over 3,400 active members and increasing comprising local tour and travel organizations as well as numerous overseas affiliations. In addition, objectives are more specific and easier to measure the goals. It is also the basic tools that underlie all planning and strategic activities. MATTA’s objective is to promote the interest of the travel and tour industry in Malaysia. Then, MATTA works closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as well as Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) that’s help organise any fairs, seminars, convention and workshops for both to create public awareness of the tourism industry as well as it is also benefits to its members. During this industrial training, I also had been exposed and joining on doing the sales in the event of MATTA Fair starting from 7th until 9th September 2018 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). One week before, all the person in charge for this MATTA Fair had a short meeting to make sure everything goes smoothly before the MATTA Fair. And, the team leader will explain the itinerary of MATTA Fair and also the promotion for the product and service that provide by the hotel. Meanwhile, I am one of the sales team to be a promoter who should study and learn about the promotion to attract more customers to come to Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Melaka hotel.

Basically, I actually used the direct marketing which is face to face selling for targeting the customers to generate the sales of MATTA Fair and reaches the company goals. Besides, there will not the training as a new trainee to be a promoter at MATTA Fair but I can manage successfully by learn it with the others salesperson. On the first day, all of the sales promoter used the MATTA Fair’s pamphlet to explain and persuade the customers and fulfil their needs and wants. Then, there was given a facility for customer to sit and got the discussion about the promotion. It is easier to deal with the customers so that I can improve my communication skill effectively. My contribution in this MATTA Fair teach me lot of lesson and benefits within a different customer attitude. There is also a great way to network with other industry members and grow the relationship base. Everyday within three days of this fair, we always make a new strategy to gain the more sales revenue and challenges from day to day. Finally, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort has achieved the target sales more than 250 thousand-ringgit Malaysia with the cooperation of all the staffs.


In a nutshell, this internship has been an excellent and rewarding experience. I can conclude that there have been a lot I had learnt from my industrial training. I had been exposed to working environment and life. They provide with my own place in the office and facilities such as WiFi, access password, allowance and others. Throughout my industrial training, I could understand more about the definition of hospitality industry and prepare myself to become a responsible in future. Along my industrial training, I realize that from my observations I can find out the problem arise and its solution. Then, I cooperate with my colleagues to determines the problems. Other than that, this training indirectly helps and teach me to learn independently, be patient, discipline myself, and also thinking outside the box. Moreover, it is also improving my communication skills as well as communicate with others. Apart from that, I had also developed my programming skills through the various program that I had done. This is also helping by increase my knowledge were done with this training. In sum, the tasks that I had learned during this industrial training really are useful for me in future to face the biggest challenges in a different working environment.

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