3 Day Field Trip Essay

Their clients are mostly foreigners and journalist in popular newspapers around the world like The New York Times. The speaker only told and discuss us what are the future that awaits you if you apply to their company. He discussed the qualifications that they want for you to work for SITEL. One of the qualifications is that you have to speak fluently in English. Because it is the second general language that we are using. And the clients you are speaking are mostly foreigners so you have to be good in speaking English.

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3 Day Field Trip Essay
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After our visit in SITEL we went to Market Pasalubong Shopping to buy Goodies and souvenirs. After that we went to our hotel and rest for tomorrows’ trip. The 3rd company that we visit is the International Broadcasting Bureau in La Union. It is a broadcasting site that is like a server in radio stations. Their facilities are amazing. They discussed on how they play the radio automatically and how they troubleshoot if something bad happens.

They play radio and television in other countries.

The last company that we visited is the Bangui Windmill Corporation located in Ilocos. We personally saw huge windmills that rotates like forever. The speaker discussed in how they made the windmills and how much electricity it produces. Each windmill takes only 3-4 days to built. Currently they had 20 windmills running. The propellers of the windmill are adaptable and can change based on where the wind is going to. The electricity that they are making are 40% of total electricity in Ilocos.

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