12 Top Classification Essay Topics

Classification essay topics give students the ability to write an essay that classifies objects into various groups, classes, or categories. You will use certain characteristics to form subgroups of the overall topic that you have selected and explain your reasons.

selecting classification essay topics

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12 Top Classification Essay Topics
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A classification essay, like any other essay, will require you to explain your reasons and give facts, data, and quotes as evidence to support your main idea. You will need to do thorough research on your points and classifications to convince your audience. This can be better achieved with the help of professional paper writers.

For example, if you want to write a classification essay on readers, you can divide the readers into different levels depending on the reading habit. Below is an example

  • Partial book readers
  • Re readers
  • Literary snobs
  • Book clubbers

You will clearly elaborate to your audience how you have come up with each of these categories and provide relevant examples in each. Make sure that you have thoroughly addressed each category in equal proportion.  This is a plan that will help you organize your thoughts as you write a classification essay

Classification Essay Writing Plan

There are various classification essay topics for college students that you can choose from, but you need a plan before you can begin. Choosing the right essay title from the beginning will enable you to write a compelling classification essay that your audience can easily follow without getting lost in your writing.

1. Brainstorm Classification Essay Topics and category

Explore the options that are available and choose classification essay topics that you can easily group into 3-5 categories. The idea is that you sort and form groups with similar characteristics and that have a logical connection.

Make sure your classification essay topics are not too wide or that you have very many categories. If your subject is too wide, take time to narrow it down, and if you have very many categories, find a way to merge them.

Genres that are very narrow might not be useful for your essay. All the categories you form must be relevant to your topic, and all of your categories need to be equally important.

2. Classification Principle

Classify your objects using the same principle so that you can get a clear distinction for your categories. Make sure that each object belongs to only one category. No object should be in more than one category, and the categories should not overlap.

3. Arrange your Objects

Make sure your essay is coherent so that your audience can easily understand your writing. Decide how you will arrange your objects. You can start from the highest to the lowest category depending on your main idea or vice versa.

For example, you can decide to arrange book readers from the most active to the least active. In this example book clubbers are the most active, and literary snobs are the least active readers.

  • Book clubbers
  • Re readers
  • Partial book readers
  • Literary snobs

4. Strong Thesis-Statement

The thesis statement is usually a single sentence that determines the theme of your entire classification essay, so it needs to be effective. Make sure it is clearly defined, and it correctly provides the direction for your paper so that your readers will not get lost in your writing.

A strong thesis will help your readers to understand your main idea as they read your paper. Everything that you write should be connected to your thesis statement.

5. Choose your Points

You will need to clearly discuss the categories you have created, and for each category, you will need to discuss specific points. It is essential that you clearly determine these points and elaborate them in each of the categories.

For example, you can choose to discuss habits, temperaments, and learning ability points in the categories of book readers. You will discuss each point in the category of book clubbers, re readers, partial readers, and literary snobs.

You will argue each of these points in each category exhaustively. Use the same style to discuss all the categories so that your writing is easier to understand. It also shows that all your categories are important to your classification essay topics.

6. Do Research

Every point you make in a classification essay has to be supported by evidence such as relevant classification essay examples, facts, data, and quotes, just like other essays. This way, your argument becomes stronger, and you are able to convince your audience with your writing about your classification idea.

When you are using examples in each category, remember to use an equal number of examples so that your argument is balanced. For instance, if you decide to use three examples to explain the various categories of book readers, then you need to ensure all the four categories have three examples.

Make sure you have all your major points and all other points you will need to discuss your main idea. Also, have your examples ready before you can begin writing your classification essay.

7. Write your Essay

You can now write your essay using the points and the information you have gathered in a coherent way. Make sure the flow of your classification essay is logical and connected to bring out your main idea in an accurate and clear message. An expert essay writing service will help craft quality papers

After writing, you can read it out and make any necessary adjustments from time to time, including revision classification essay topics. This is a creative process, and you will constantly do revisions until you are satisfied that your classification essay is perfectly crafted. Below are 12 classification essay examples

Classification Essay Examples for College Students

1. Education Classification essay topics

classification essay topic

Experience is a great advantage when you are writing an essay, and students can get plenty of content from firsthand experience. For example, a student can confidently write about the process of choosing a major, the time and the effort that is needed.

Additional research is necessary, but it helps that the student already has experienced the process and is at ease and confident with the topic. These are more examples of classification essay topics in education

  • Forms of lectures
  • Learning styles that college students prefer
  • How do students perform in workshops?
  • Student leadership
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Students assessment test

2. Political essay topics

Classification essay topics that are relatable are mostly easier to write. You can write about politics, which is relatable and will always be part of daily life. You can also write about politicians, both past and present.

This subject can provide you with plenty of content when you do your research and look at it from different angles. More topics on the subject of politics are

  • Political debates
  • World dictators
  • How voting systems affect elections
  • Roles of political activists
  • Political parties
  • Political philosophy

3. Art and Entertainment essay topics

Fame, fortune, music, creativity, there is a lot of content that you can find and write about. Art and entertainment are almost everywhere, and you can find many classification essay topics for college students in this subject and narrow it down.

For example, you can look at popularity or the exorbitant amount of money famous people in the entertainment industry make. Below are more examples

  • Movies
  • Comedy shows and comedians
  • Dance styles
  • Video games
  • Forms of art
  • Different genres in music

4. Foods and Nutrition essay topics

Addressing a burning issue in society will always be an exciting idea, and many of your audience will want to read and find out more or discover a solution. Food and nutrition continue to be a burning issue, and it is perfect for classification essay topics.

You will find a lot of options when you do in-depth research on the subject. Examples of food and nutrition essay topics include the following.

  • Weight loss
  • Classification of nutrients
  • Diet
  • Forms of food allergy
  • Vitamins and their sources
  • Healthy eating

5. Classification Essay Topics on Methods of Solving a Specific Problem

This is one of the best topics for classification essay because you are able to clearly explain how you solved a specific problem. The topic will enable your readers to understand your thought process as you solved the problem and the challenges and lessons learned.

Most importantly you will explain why solving this particular problem using a specific method is important to you and how it has transformed your life. Methods you can use include

  • Trial and Error
  • Difference reduction
  • Analogies
  • Analysis
  • Working from backwards

6. Internet and Technology essay topics

There is a lot that people do on the internet right now compared to when the internet became available to most people. There is also a lot that you can find and write about the internet and technology. You can compare and contrast how they have evolved over time and affected people’s behavior.

Technology and the internet now play a leading role in almost everyday life, and this makes it a great classification essay topic when you narrow it down and look at it from a specific angle. Below are more classification essay topics

  • People’s behavior on social media groups
  • Internet hobbies
  • Outstanding inventions
  • Mobile applications
  • Communication online
  • Online marketing

7. Business Ideas and Entrepreneurship essay topics

This is an interesting and great essay topic, and it is popular as well because of the many viewpoints and controversies that surround it. What makes it interesting is that it has problems that need to be addressed attentively. Some of the areas of discussion include

  • Types of investors
  • Business leaders
  • Managerial skills
  • Business size
  • Assessment test for job applicants
  • Different types of trade

8. Society Values essay topics

Every aspect of people’s lives is governed by certain social values and a belief system. You can readily find great content through research and interviewing representatives of different cultures, which makes addressing society’s values interesting.

How people relate to each other will always be current. Below are some topics for classification essay on society values

  • Differences in social values between XX community and XX community
  • The role of social groups
  • Roommates
  • Friends
  • Youth groups
  • Tourism

9. Sports Fans

Sports happen to be popular, and it cuts across different age groups, making it a good subject that will provide you with a lot of content. You can do your research on the internet on a specific sport, interview a few friends who are fans, or even conduct your research in a stadium. More topic ideas on sports are

  • Super-fans
  • Lovers of the game
  • City fans
  • Social fans
  • Rock fans
  • Culture fans

10.  Readers

You can choose readers as your classification essay topics and examine the various behaviors of different readers. People love to read, but there are specific reading behaviors that can be revealed and classified depending on certain characteristics. Below are some classification essay topics on readers that you can choose

  • Partial readers
  • Re readers
  • Physical book readers
  • Habitual book readers
  • Literary snobs
  • Series junkies

11.  Vacation Destination

You can get many classification essay topics from this subject, which can also be fairly easy to research due to the availability of travel agents online. You can also use your personal experience to write a persuasive paper, which can include how you traveled to your vacation destination.

This is a broad topic with plenty of options and content. The following are some more ideas on a vacation destination

  • Trips abroad
  • Trips to various beach destinations
  • Camp trip
  • Travel to a famous city
  • Road trip
  • A cruise experience

12.  Relationships

Relationships form a big part of our lives, and it is seen as a complex topic yet very eternal and always relevant. Relationship needs keep changing, and you can do research on various types and relationship needs.

You can also use your personal experience to elaborate on the topic of relationships. Below are more classification essay examples on this subject

  • Family relationships
  • Relationships with friends
  • Romantic relationships
  • Acquaintances
  • Dormant or submissive relationships
  • Toxic relationships

You can brainstorm on these classification essay topics and choose the one that you can easily classify and come up with a coherent, well-structured paper.  A proper structure will help your readers to understand your point of view.

Structure of a Classification Essay

Your essay should be well thought out and formatted to give your readers a good flow rather than disjointed text. These are the points to consider when you structuring classification essay

1. Introduction

The introduction is where you will start your essay by clearly explaining to your readers what you are writing about and what you will categorize. Clearly describe the purpose of your essay, why you have categorized the objects you are about to review, and link it to your thesis.

A strong thesis will clearly identify your categories and brief your readers on what is to come next. Your introduction should be interesting enough to grab the attention of your readers and hook them so that they can read the whole paper.

2. Body

In this section of your paper is where you fulfill your readers’ expectations by going into details and explaining your thesis statement. The three paragraphs of the body should address the categories of the objects you have classified.

Each paragraph should explain a particular category, clearly discussing each point as you review the objects. You can also discuss the advantages and disadvantages here and include classification essay examples.

You can use your minor points to effectively discuss your main idea. Address all angles of the subject and answer any questions in the introduction section.

Make sure you link your discussion to your thesis statement. In your discussion, you will need to transition smoothly from one category to another so that your readers are able to follow your trail of thought.

To write a high-quality classification essay, you need to prepare well and follow the correct format. Your writing has to be coherent so that your readers don’t get lost. You can also add your personal experiences that are relevant to your topic.

3. Conclusion

Structure of a Classification Essay

In the conclusion paragraph of your classification essay, you will need to summarize all the categories that you have discussed in the body section. Present the significance of each of your categories and give a brief opinion.

You can also explain to your readers why you prefer one category over the others. Complete your essay by connecting it back to the introduction so that you present a full circle of your argument. You should not introduce a new subject in the conclusion of your paper.

Make sure your readers have closure on the topic you have discussed. Use in conclusion alternatives for your conclusion paragraph title. This will attract the attention of your readers.

Key Takeaway

Classification essay topics for college students are very many, and you can find many ideas for college students. You can pick any of the topic ideas, and if it is too wide, you can narrow it down and discuss it from a particular angle. Arranging all your objects into various classes using specific characteristics is also a great way to analyze situations and things and come up with a logical explanation.

You can also apply this concept in everyday life to help you understand situations or people better. This makes classical essays even more interesting. At Grand Paper Writers, we will help you to come up with amazing essay topics. Place your order now and our experts will help you out

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