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Consumer Behavior on Starbucks Company Marketing Strategy

The consumer behavior towards a company’s product plays a significant role. An organization will come up with marketing strategies that ensure the consumer is fully satisfied. Starbucks Company will ensure it produces best products and the environment hygiene kept to the best level. The customer behavior, which involves good customer experiences on the coffee brands increases sales volume to the company. The customer behavior in Starbucks Company is met through an effective customer care department. The department will ensure the customers’ suggestions are well heard and changes implemented where necessary. The company is very careful to provide better experiences to the customers (Harrington et al 2017). Starbucks Company ensures that the consumers’ behavior present a positive marketing strategy. Starbucks gives customer satisfaction first priority to help them create a loyal customer base for its products. This will take place when the organization produces quality products with nice taste. For instance, a coffee with a nice taste will increase the marketing sales volume. The marketing strategies of the company are mostly influenced by the behaviors of the customers towards its products.

Additionally, marketing strategies ensures there is an efficient connection between a company and the customers. The marketing strategies influence the consumers’ consumption habits of the products produced by Starbucks organization. Marketing strategies like good communication enable customers to create demand on the Starbucks Company goods and services. The good communication created between the customer care department and customers tend to make many customers to buy the products. The consumers will get attracted to the Starbucks quality products and this will influence the company’s marketing strategies. Subsequently, the Starbucks Company can ensure the customers need is met through creation of a social media marketing platform. The social media platform will promote delivery of quality delicious taste at premium prices. The social media strategy will make Starbucks to deliver quality coffee to consumers in the areas they are situated. Given that Starbucks is situated in a very competitive environment where other companies produce better goods, it must ensure the prices of its products are consumer friendly. The consumers’ behavior is normally influenced by the price of the product. The consumers tend to buy their products from a company whose products are affordable. Thus, Starbucks Company will ensure they sell their products at an affordable price. This consumers’ behavior towards the price of the product will ensure the company change the products prices. For example, the company can reduce price of Italian beverages to an affordable price to ensure more customers sales.

Starbucks Company came up with a mobile application tool for reaching customers. For example, the company’s mobile tool plays a crucial role for future marketing strategies (Li, 2017). The mobile marketing tool will ensure consumers to shop for the products. By Starbucks Company developing a mobile marketing program, a high consumer demand will be achieved. The mobile tool will ensure the Starbucks Company reinforces its long term relationship with customers. The company boosts consumers purchase ability through rewarding them free coffee for purchasing certain amount of products via the mobile app. This has increased customer loyalty over the coffee and tea products the company offers. Starbucks Company utilized the consumer behavior knowledge through coming up with the mobile app that covered the products prices and taste quality. The company’s marketing strategies are involved in meeting consumers’ expectations. The marketing strategy of using the mobile app has ensured product uniqueness is created through branding. Starbucks Company has a strong operating performance that helps in its global expansion strategy to meet an increasing consumer demand.

Starbucks Company uses the print media like television, social media and company’s website to communicate with its target customers over its products. Through the organization’s website and social media sites like Facebook, the customers issued a number of reasons concerning the nature of Starbucks Company products (Somanna, 2017). The company determined the needs and wants the customers have on the products like coffee, tea and Italian beverage it offers. The consumers shared on the products taste and price in relation to other companies. The company’s website provides a platform where customers interact with each other and provide new ideas that suggests service improvement. The company came to determine the customer expectations through the customer suggestion in the print media and website. Starbuck Company for that matter ensured the target customers suggestions and feedbacks is implemented to create customer loyalty.

The marketing strategy for the Starbucks Company has been under the influence of the consumers. The consumers’ behavior has had a great impact on the company’s product, price and distribution services. Consumers tend to buy the Starbucks products at affordable premium prices. This has made the company to charge its products at premium prices as compared to its competitors. Additionally, Starbucks provides a cool environment with wonderful service attributes such a nice taste of its products to consumers. The consumers’ suggestion towards the quality of the products has made the company to focus on value addition.  These attributes of premium prices and pleasant environment adds value to customer loyalty. The consumers have also ensured the promotion strategy is changed. This took place through the company using print media, Facebook and Twitter to promote its products. These social online platforms are effective and efficient in ensuring that customers are notified of any changes the products have. In addition, the online platforms have ensured Starbucks Company to promote its high quality products and reach a large consumer base. This online medium has been essential in customer retention strategy. The consumers are able to give their views concerning the company’s product in relation to the prices and taste. This has made Starbucks Company to come up with other effective and efficient marketing strategies.

Additionally, Starbucks Company marketing strategy of product differentiation has led to increase of sales. The company produces premium coffee, tea and lemonades as high quality flavors’. Starbucks Company ensures that it develops vast product strategies that will encompass the consumer expectations (Wu, 2017). The consumers will influence the Starbuck product attributes that will ensure the company to provide variety of the products to ensure the brand success. In addition, Starbucks Company will diversify the products compliments in order to achieve its objectives and goals. The company product strategies will ensure diversification and innovative development that meets consumers’ wants.

In conclusion, consumer behavior on a company’s products has an impact on the marketing strategies. A company like Starbucks is forced to come up with marketing strategies that cover distribution, price, promotion and service delivery. The consumer behavior plays an important significance on a company’s future towards the sale of its products. Starbucks Company has created a social media platform to get suggestions and feedbacks from the customers.





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