1 Audience It is when we listen to people when they claim Essay

1- Audience – It is when we listen to people when they claim something or expose. Example when we are at a trial there is a hearing listening for a verdict.

2- Purpose – It is the intention to do something that you want, for example, I want to finish the university that will do my purpose.

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1 Audience It is when we listen to people when they claim Essay
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3- Voice – It consists of a sound emitted by humans where we produce with our vocal collapse for example a person makes a shout or says a word.

4- Persuasive – they are that of presenting justifications and claims with the main objective of persuading the reader about a certain point of view.

5- Claim – It is a request a demand that a person puts before another person with the objective of solving the problem.

6- Journalist – He is a reporter who is looking for information to keep the world informed about what is happening around.

7- Ethical issues – There are two types of issues, some “as old as man himself”, and others, however, typical of a given time.

While the former are the “eternal” questions of moral reflection, the latter are raised at a specific time and society, and then cease to be relevant. Perennial questions of ethics are those that arise from the structure of human nature and society. An example of a question of ethics applied circumscribed at a given time is the debate over slavery. In ancient times, slavery was not an ethical problem as it will be later, especially for the Enlightenment. With the abolition of slavery and its legal and moral condemnation across the globe, it has ceased to be an ethical issue.

8- Shocking events – When there is an event and an accident happen it can make an impression.

9- Shameful situation – When you do something wrong you may feel embarrassed or afraid of doing ridiculous on a regular basis.

10- Embarrassing situation – It is one that produces emotional discomfort and shame. A shameful situation is even more complex when it is experienced in public and the protagonist who feels victim of the situation experiences the fear of ridicule. There are embarrassing situations that are very every day and are shown in the form of clumsiness as a blunder.

11- Scandals – It is where there is a noisy situation produced by a group of people having fun at a party.

12- Aggressor – It is an unprovoked attack due to the practice or habit of being aggressive

13- Paparazzi – graphic reporter specialized in photographing celebrities without their authorization or in private environments.

14- Propaganda – It is the set of procedures, methods and techniques by which a message is disseminated or disseminated in order to attract supporters.

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