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In the client offer file, there are parts for additional product and services. There are questions from our side, you could find the mentioned topics by their numbers.

REF. NO: 1 – Mobile and Move

1- Mobile has to be free, but in this list is says 1550 USD. Why is that? Is it free or not?

Online Mobile app is customized according to the customer’s branding which includes logos and color schemes. Also, we have to make several such images for each device such as phone of 4’,5’,6’ screen size as well of tabs.

Thus the cost. However, if the customer wish uses the mobile app for free then they’ll have to use it with upside branding. On top of that each user has to provide four parameters for login 1) client key 2)URL ( partial ) 3) email address 4) OTP. However, if the client is going for the paid version, in that case, they’ll need not to provide URL and client.

2- Both for Mobile and Move, this price is for once or, annually?

The Price is One Time Cost.

3- Both for Mobile and Move, are these applications come with client’s brand? How is the process here? How is the pricing in this process?

Please refer point 1

4- Both for Mobile and Move, how will we manage the payment for Appstore and Playstore? And are these payments for once or, annually?

The apps will be hosted on our accounts. Enterprise account for iOS and app store account for android. Note: app for iOS will not be available in the istore, users need to download the app from a link which we will provide.

5- Both for Mobile and Move, we want to have them in Turkish. We want to know cost and process regarding this request. Are the existing labels will be enough or, will we have new labels?

The app will be in the same language as the web-application. If the web applicatoin is in Turkish then the app will also be in Turkish.

6- Both for Mobile and Move, we need all information. We don’t know anything about it. We haven’t see and use them. Please provide us all information. If client will ask anything about them we have no idea as of now. So we need detailed information about both of them.

REF. NO: 2 – Additional Portal, Additional Language

1- The prices on the list are for once or, annually?

REF. NO: 3 – Articulate

1- Last time Mr.Vivek told that there won’t be Articulate integration. However, we wanted to ask if there is any change regarding this. Would it be possible to do integration with Articulate.

REF. NO: 4 – Administration Service

1- It says there is 50 hours service. What is included in this 50 hours service?

Administration services include activities such as uploading of user data, course data, assigning course data and other admin related activities.

2- Our request, we want anything regarding this. Offer template, content, service time, documents etc. We want to have similar system. So we want to know all steps about these service.

REF. NO: 5 – Product Training

1- It says 4 hours/2 session. What is included to these sessions?

Product training on learner area as well as on Admin area. Which includes user creation, user upload, assigning users to curriculums, creating and building curriculums, explaining classroom flow and other flow.

2- Our request; we want plan of these sessions. List of topics, PPT(if there is any), pictures, videos et. We need anything for this training. We’ll plan similar program.

We have videos for your reference which you can refer for the creation of your content. Help.upsidelms.com

REF. NO: 6 – SSL Certificate + Static IP

1- Upside LMS provide SSL certificate as standart procedure. However, we pay for each our clients. Why is that? Isn’t it free? Why we need to buy each time for each client?

Only followign URLs are free such as xyz123.upsidelms.com. If clinet wish not to have .upsidelms.com part from the URL then they’ll need to purchase the SSL certificate.

2- Also, it says static IP has to be free. However, we pay for this one each time. We want to know about this one too. After that we’ll add this part to offer file.

REF. NO: 7 – ‘Special Offers’ Part

1- We want detailed information for each one. What can we do? What did you do before?

2- How is your pricing policy? How would you plan pricing for us as your partner? Are you calculate these as person/day?

REF. NO: 8 – Special Reports/Query

1- If client want something like this how do you manage this? We want samples, to see what can we do.

This part also covers in admistrative services.

2- How do you pricing these?

REF. NO: 9 – Customer Development Requests

1- In the offer file it says, it calculated by person/day. We want to confirm this information.

REF. NO: 10 – Portal Design Service

1- Can we do some works for login page? Also, what can we do on dashboard?

We can chagne the branding and the colur scheme on the login page. Also few features such as announcement and New user registration can be disabled.

2- Could you send samples and previous works of yours? We need to know what special designs we can do.

3- Are you calculate this service as person/day?

ARGE de ne a?amaday?z? Ekran g?r?nt?s? at. ?rnekleri iste.

REF. NO: 11 – Integration Services

1- How do you calculate the cost?

2- Is Upside’s SSO free?

3- What are the additional prices?

4- Can we test Upside’s SSO? Will there be additional cost for it?


REF. NO: 12 – New Dashboard

In addition to all these topics, we are wondering when will we have the new dashboard? Will there be labels to translate in our side? We can see this new dashboard only on 14 days trial version. We want to provide that on our System. We want to start work on new dashboard. Please provide us any information regarding this.

REF. NO: 13 – Turkish Language Package+ Adding a SAAS Based Language

Another old topic is Turkish Language Package. You know some day in future we want to have Turkish language as part of Saas. We want to see our way regarding this plan. How will this happen? Please tell us steps to this work. How will we organize our work? What will be the cost? How many people must included? Etc.

REF. NO: 14 – 14 Days Trial Version Turkish Language + English Content

Last time when we talked about this topic, you said this trial is came from third party. It’s an application beside the LMS. However, we want to know that, if we want to do similar application what should we do? Which steps should we take? What will be the cost? How can we manage all these works? Etc.

REF. NO: 15 – IYZICO Integration

As we mentioned before, Paypal or Eway is not in Turkey any more. So we had to look for options for e-Commerce. Iyzico is our most possible option. We want to know that if a client wants to have this integration, how will we manage this work, and what will be the cost?

You could find integration page of IYZICO below:

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