‘First aid’ means helping someone who may be injured or sick until Essay

‘First aid’ means helping someone who may be injured or sick until full medical attention is given if needed. The purpose of first aid is to keep someone alive and protect them from further harm. Accidents are prone to happen especially with kids thus it is important to know what to do in an emergency. As a parent who has kids, it is crucial to be aware of first aid so you are always prepared for anything as kids are more frequent to get hurt.

The app I chose to evaluate is called “Baby and Child First Aid.” The focus of this app is to provide simple, easy-to-learn skills to help a baby or child in a first aid emergency. They offer users immediate information to handle various situations ranging from nosebleeds to unresponsiveness. Ultimately, they share information to the users on first-aid and even provide videos to help aid them, as well as have mini self test to evaluate what you have learned.

This app targets parents, grandparents, babysitters and ultimately anyone who spends a lot of their time around young children. I believe young parents or first-time parents would ideally be the target users of this app. First-time parents might not know how to address every issue they may face with their newborn. Additionally, the stress of taking care of their newborn may cause other issues towards their mental health. Apps like “Baby and Child First aid” can really be an eye opener to these parents and help them along their way of parenthood. Moreover, young parents, possible teen parents may not have all the information to provide first aid to their new born in emergency situations or may even freak out over general issues such as a fever. The app can help with many first aid situation and even clear their doubts about what to do when their infant has a fever.

The “Baby and Child First Aid” app has several different functions that make it easy for the users to handle. They have 5 separate sections labelled; Learn, Prepare, Emergency, Test and Toolkit. Under the learn section the users can get information on 19 different topics; allergic reactions, fever, bleeding heavily, broken bone, burns, choking, epileptic seizure, febrile seizure, head injury, nosebleed, vomiting and diarrhoea, poisoning, unresponsiveness and breathing/not breathing, meningitis, and croup. Under each topic there is also a video and a list of instructions that clearly demonstrate the steps the users can take to deal with the issue at hand. Along with the video there are some Q&A that address other questions that the users may possibly have. Under the second major section, ‘Prepare,’ the app provides information on things that can potentially occur and be harmful to your child as they grow up. For example, they talk about watching babies carefully when they first start to learn to eat solid foods, so they don’t choke. They also have information on how to prepare for an infant or child when you go out to the park, travel, and when you are near water. The emergency section seems very similar to the Learn section but does put an importance on calling 911 or visiting a physician immediately. The test section is a place where users can get tested on the information, they have learned form the other sections and be rewarded with a pin. The final section is the ‘toolkit’ which is where you can add your child’s medical record.

Mobile app usages has grown drastically among patients and studies show that these apps can support a variety of routine medical tasks. This includes patient education, assessing medical records and clinical decision support (Lewis & Wyatt, 2014). Although this app does not specifically address patient issues directly to the patient, it allows their caregiver the necessary information to do so. It also does provide patient education to the users as that is the primary focus of the app. The app has collected various situations parents could possibly face when taking care of their children and has come up with useful information to help parents in those situations. It seems to have collected data from other sources and combined the most efficient method to provide first aid to your children in that specific situation. Moreover, it is an example of consumer health informatics which bridges the gap between the patient and health resources. Consumers health informatics is about getting the consumers to get involved with health care processes and to actively participate in the decision-making process (Demiris, 2016). In the case of this app, the patients are taken care by the users of the app which can be their parents. The parents thereby participate in the decision-making process of how to treat their child and provide them with the best possible care. It empowers people to take control of their child’s health and be prepared for almost anything they can possibly face.

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